Who Will Rep the Heart of Detroit in the Michigan House?

State House District 4 includes Hamtramck and the heart of Detroit.

As Brian Dickerson of the Detroit Free Press recently noted, primary election races don’t get nearly the attention they deserve. Detroit would probably vote for anyone over a  Republican candidate, so the August 2 primary races are critically important to determine who represents us in the Michigan Legislature.

With that in mind, Detroit Democrat introduces our first-ever candidate questionnaire for the woman and men running to represent District 4, the heart of Detroit (plus Hamtramck!) in the Michigan House of Representatives. Why District 4? Well, it’s where this writer happens to live, and I figured that I, at least, should try to make an informed decision.

The candidate questionnaire included ten questions addressing issues of concern to the district, including public subsidies for billionaires, the dismantling of democracy, and how we might possibly do something about this unfortunate state of affairs. To find out how candidates weighed in on these issues – and what their favorite local restaurants are – read on. Continue reading “Who Will Rep the Heart of Detroit in the Michigan House?”